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EP 79: Panama Papers Problems

Apr 6, 201664 minutes

What happens now that the Panama Papers leak names tax dodgers, bribe takers, and dirty banks? Does this prove all the InfoWars conspiracy theories right? What about Apple or Google dodges? Do we need an EMP reset button?

EP 78: Alternative Ayatollah

Mar 24, 201664 minutes

Alternate history scenarios of the Iran Hostage Crisis, Iran Iraq War, Ronald Reagan, Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan and more. Cthulhu, World War 3, Terrorism, Watchmen, and Dennis’ Trump theory also appear.

EP 77: Civics Hour Meltdown

Mar 15, 201671 minutes

Executive Branch What Ifs?. Dennis and Patrick try to make sense of conventions, third party outsiders, and Dennis makes the bold prediction a fractured national race leads to Marco Rubio as president plus and he reads selections of Mein Kampf

EP 75: Curt Flood Makes America Great Again

Mar 3, 201664 minutes

Alternate History topic this week in which free agency never comes to pass in baseball or comes early in 1921. Would America be more regionally minded? Earlier Desegregation? Then Donald Trump talk breaks out at @51:30 mark

EP 73: Death and Taxes

Feb 24, 201666 minutes

Patrick gives Dennis a flurry of thought experiments to dissect including, could nuclear autumn prevent global warming? Do mosquitoes matter? Could we put every American on basic income? Should we pay students for better grades? Zika Virus, Elon Musk

EP 72: Alternative History of Henry the 8th

Feb 17, 201668 minutes

Dennis gets to discuss his favorite topic of the Tudors and Henry the 8th. What if Henry had a son with Catherine of Aragon? What would a Catholic England look like? Would England ever become a superpower? What if there was never a reign of Queen Eliz

EP 70: JFK Lives Alternate History of 11/22/63

Feb 4, 201662 minutes

Patrick finally reads Stephen King’s 11/22/63 and Dennis gets his wish to speculate about an America with a second term of Kennedy. What happens in Vietnam? Does Nixon run? What about Bobby Kennedy? Would JFK be impeached? What about LBJ and the Civi

EP 69: Flint Water and Protesting

Jan 20, 201667 minutes

Dennis and Patrick open the show with the recent history of the Flint Michigan lead water crisis which leads into a discussion about the effectiveness of protests, boycotts, and movements. Violence VS Nonviolence Topics range from Black Lives Matter, the

EP 68: Alternate History of Soviet America

Jan 14, 201670 minutes

Patrick wants to explore an alternate history experiment and play with concept that America could have become a Soviet nation. What if Lenin came to the states? Could Debs have rallied a Socialist Republic of America? What conditions could have swayed

EP 67: A History of Trolling

Jan 7, 201663 minutes

Dennis and Patrick debate and discuss the Donald Trump and the Election of 1912 in regards to the American obsession with trolling. They highlight some of the greatest trolls in American history Andy Kaufman, Hunter S Thompson, and Muhammad Ali included

EP 63: Geek Culture or the Infantilize of America

Dec 16, 201566 minutes

Lots of shouty debate when Patrick and Dennis debate the idea that millennials are infantilized in modern. Has the rise of “geek” culture stunted the social and political growth of youth? Is the shouting echo chamber of the internet causing young peopl

EP 62: A Plague Debate

Dec 9, 201555 minutes

Patrick and Dennis examine which pandemic from which historical period had the greater impact on the world, The Bubonic Plague of of the Middle Ages or the Spanish Influenza of 1918. How do they compare in death tolls? What influence did the 100 Years W

EP 59: Time Travel Titors

Nov 18, 201567 minutes

The floodgates are opened to discuss time travel in historical, scientific, and philosophical conventions by looking at the the odd case for internet based chrononaut John Titor. The duo invoke Sagan, Hawking, Doc Brown to help explain the Titor story an

EP 57: Alternative Civil War

Nov 5, 201565 minutes

Patrick wants to know if the month of April 1865 went very different for America. What if Robert E Lee sanctioned a guerrilla war against the Union? What if the Booth conspiracy was successful and the entire executive branch was decapitated? What if U

EP 55: Building a Corptocracy

Oct 21, 201555 minutes

The Army of Coca Cola

EP 52: The Internet Makes Us Stupid

Oct 8, 201555 minutes

Dennis VS Google

EP 51: Sport or Activity?

Oct 1, 201561 minutes

Patrick tries to keep it civil when he engages Dennis in the debate of what guidelines deem something a sport or an activity. NASCAR, Baseball, Ping Pong, Dance, Math, Esports, and Horse Racing are all debated using a guideline of four criteria from Phil

EP 48: Ultimate Assessment

Sep 10, 201559 minutes

EP 45: Kill the Messenger

Aug 20, 201564 minutes

EP 44: Geopolitics of Space Colonization

Aug 13, 201563 minutes

EP 43: Guns Guns Guns

Aug 5, 201557 minutes

Brady Boyz

EP 42: Alternative Korean War

Jul 29, 201567 minutes

Mccarthy Drops Da Bomb

EP 41: Mad Libs History Film Pitch

Jul 23, 201573 minutes

EP 38: Dennis Takes a Midterm

Jul 8, 201559 minutes

Clipped Dennis

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